Now you can watch my short film “Love is inside”


I am happy to announce that I made a documentary film about a Butoh dancer Syv Bruzeau who had cancer and fibromyalgia and healed herself using art therapy, natural methods, and feeling unconditional love inside. 

This is my first complete work where I am director, composer, camera operator and editor. And I had a beautiful team working with me: 

Craig Ogilvie who shoot the first dance scene, 

Elena Safronova as the designer of text and poster maker,

Tatiana Betmakaeva who helped me with professional translation from English to Russian 

Nikolay Gagarin - who helped me with technical support and editing 

My teacher - Alexey Babenko - who prepared me for this big step in my life for more than 5 years.

And of course my family which supports me always! 

The idea of the film popped up unexpectedly and during 2,5 months I worked on it every day from early morning to late night. I learned a lot, creating music, and doing editing. I loved it! 

This film is about life! That we human beings can heal ourselves. We have the capacity to heal inside of us. 

The premier of this documentary will be on this Sunday April 21st on my YouTube channel at 21:00. 


I created this song after my Japan trip. This trip was amazing. I met a woman, a beautiful butoh dancer, Syv Bruzeau who was struggling with cancer a while ago. She dived into her pain, she was speaking with pain, she was dancing her illness, she decided to live, she found love inside and spread this love to all of her body. Now she feels happy to live, happy to dance and happy to love.
I dedicate this song to all who are struggling with pain. We all experience different kind of pain but it is our reminder that nothing really matters but love. Let’s find love inside and share this love with everyone🙏
Music and Lyrics by Yana Yakimova ( me)
Photo by Dan Yeo
Model - Syv Bruzeau