Unexpected logo

My life has different periods which help me to create my music, create myself. Sometimes my life directions take opposite sides. From jazz to pop, from club house diva to absolutely spiritual person with a singing bowl and a shamanic drum and this is how I am ballancing myself. I was thinking about my logo many many times, I even created some but never oficially accepted by myself. Cause wnen I am about to change my mindset - that logo becomes old-fashioned. So I just made up my mind to my contradictory personality and allowed myself to be, allowed situations to happen and allowed people to appear in my life. 

This logo came to me unexpectedly from my lovely friend photographer Ivanna Vivcharyk who was trying to create a poster to promote her personal exhibition where I am going to sing Ukrainian songs on November 17th with great musicians. 


That photo was taken by my beautiful friend Yana Vilkina and retouched by Ivanna in such an interesting way. So I like it! I like it a lot! Thank you dear friends that you allow me to feel myself through your incredible eyes.

yana fortep logo.jpg