The Rays of Light

After 3,5 year since I left everything and moved to another country, got married and gave birth to my son, breast fed him for around 1,5 years and didn't think about music at all, then the music found me again. 

Walking the difficult path to learn myself, through kundalini yoga, reiki practices,  crystal healing, meditations, and a big will to learn the world around me, myself and the music became one again. 
This is my new project called Rays of Light, Music beyond borders and concepts, collaboration with musicians from all over the world, my original songs about peace, forgiveness, love and that we are all one. 
We have just started and our first concert will take a place at the Luxe Nova Lifestyle studio on June 22nd where we will start with meditation and I will share with you the meaning of each song, within each a small secret I discovered along my path. 

The Guitar  player Dan LaVelle, the crystal bowls player and reiki master, my teacher Stephanie Luo and me Yana. 
We are searching for musicians from all over the world to create magic, which will heal our hearts. We know what to say, we feel what to play. 
We are Rays of light willing to give people love and peace. 
Together we create magic..